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Monday, October 19, 2009

Kogar's Spooky Spectacular

Ichiban Head Honcho Debbie D was kind enough to let me post a Halloween themed compilation I put together last year for my myspace blog. It's been retooled a little bit and Michael Deforge did an amazing "cover" for it. Check out his website for more amazing work.

When I put this together I wanted to stay away from the usual novelty type Halloween songs. That's why something like THE FABULOUS WAILERS lead it off with a great eerie instrumental. Listen to that song and try NOT to think of people barricaded in a house fighting marauding (slow moving!) zombies!

Enjoy, and Happy Halloween...

Track List

01. Boris Karloff - From the film TARGETS
02. the fabulous wailers - high wall
03. jackie morningstar - rockin in the graveyard
04. mad daddy - werewolf poem
05. the abstracts - nightmare
06. the fabulous five - janie made a monster
07. los sleepers - zombie
08. the connoisseurs - count macabre
09. BIG BOY GROVES- Bucket o' blood
10. The Tingler - William Castle
11. Unknown - Rat Pfink Theme
12. ricky roy - screamin mimi
13. ralph nielsen & the chancellors - scream
14. little marcus and the devotions - lone stranger went mad
15. The Five Jones Boys - Mr. Ghost Goes To Town
16. the poets - dead
17. Watusi Zombie - Jan Davis
18. the fortunes - the ghoul in school
19. Frankie Stein And His Ghouls - Knives And Lovers (Swim)
20. Duponts - Screamin Ball
21. the mighty el dukes - frankenstein's den
22. larry and the blue notes Night of the Sadist
23. lord luther - teenage creature
24. The Vampire - Archie King
25. the jayhawks - the creature from outer space
26. randy luck - i was a teenage caveman
27. Los Shains - El Monstruo
28. Cobwebs - Devil Girl '66
29. johnny anderson - zoola zooky
30. the tumblers - scream
31. Danny Ware - The Zombie Stomp
32. Johnny Fever - Zombie
33. Upperclassmen - Cha-Cha with the Zombies


Benjamin said...

Awesome! Thank you.

Willem said...

I thought I heard everyting....Great stuff!

Anonymous said...


anthony. s-p said...

Thank you. you have saved my English classes from insipid, Halloween music.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Can't believe the link is still alive after five years.