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Friday, October 29, 2010

Seven Corpse Dinner

1-The Madmen - Haunted
2-Peter And The Wolves - Mr. Frankenstein
3-The Rainbows - I'm Gonna Go Down
4-The Essex - Cemetery Stomp
5-Important Announcement
6-The Magics - Zombie Walk
7-Count Drac - The Trance
8-Baron Daemon & The Vampires - The Transylvania Twist
9-The Weirdos -E.S.P.
10-Coming Attraction - Fiend For Flesh
11-Merv Griffin - House Of Horrors
12-Leonard Johnson - The Bug
13-Connoissurs - Count Macabre
14-Claudine Clark - Walkin' Through A Cemetery
15-Coming Attraction - Frogs!
16-Morgus With The Daringers - Werewolf
17-The Emersons - Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde
18-Igor And The Maniacs - The Big Green
19-Skipper Tyle - Wolf Gal
20-The Last Word - Sleepy Hollow
21-Tony Casanova - The Grave
Re-mastered from the original 45s


Rick Ghastly said...

If you can drop this in on the 20th...what in the name of all things unholy will the oct 31st offering be ?

Debbie D said...

Rex will be doing his annual Halloween special live from 1-3 PM!

Rick Ghastly said...

Be still my beating liver !...Rex's spookshow lands on the big day !..pardon me while i shriek with joy/terror...

Jukeboxmafia said...

This is Excellent...

jus bLaze said...

Supreme! Cheers to this blog for making my DJ set that much cooler. 2 hour spot with 3 other DJs will prove tough enough as it is.

Willem said...

Finally found the Claudine Clark track. It was missing from my copy of this great CD.
Thanks Debbie!

Anonymous said... must be nylon wighat that is getting in my eyes...but where is the DL link?

Debbie D said...

You have to click on each song!

Little Danny said...

Oh man, thanks so much!

Milmascaras said...

Now know what the 49ers felt like wandering around Sutter's Mill. Incredible nuggets of Halloween bounty.