WFMU Ichiban, Rock and Soul with Debbie D

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Live From The Lakeside Lounge

Thanks to everyone who came out in the rain and snow to help us celebrate the launch of the Ichiban webstream!! Special thanks to Doron, Rex, Dave the Spazz, Gaylord Fields and Terre T, The Hound, Bill Bowen, Liz French, Jimmy "Brains" Fountain, Pat "Mo Gorilla" Lozito, Scott Williams and Masayo "Sato" Chalmers. We had special DJ appearances from Jim "The Hound" Marshall as well as Miriam "Bad Seed" Linna, Greg "Keep It Country" Germani and DA the DJ. You can hear the entire archive here.

We also have a Flicker page set up where you can see or add photos and videos! The above snapshot of Rex was taken by Greg G.


jamesegio said...

i had a great time at the live broadcast. we were the drunks sitting over by the window. cheers! i might have to get a computer for home so i can listen.

james & bill

Anonymous said...


The Wrex wit da Wax UNMASKED!!! Are you sure that's not a HALLOWEEN shindig shot???

Like, eek, man.

Would it be too mush to ax for a PLAYLIST ( For the FULL 5 hours of mad musick!!!! ) ? ? ?

- Boppin_Brian