Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Bus Drivin' Man

Why do truck drivers get all the recognition? For once, let's hear it for the bus drivers.

Spence Spencer - Bus Drivin' Man (2:18)

And clearly, since we're already on the subject of buses, there will never be a better time to share a photo of the greatest bus graphics ever. Photo via copyranter.

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flamingo said...

Hey - I really dig the crazy stuff you're posting. Keep'em coming,please! While we're on the subject of buses and their drivers: let's not forget Jan & Dean (Horace the Swingin' School Bus Driver), Snooky Lanson (Stop! Let Me off The Bus), Jason Eddie (Mr Bus Driver - great one by Billy Fury's brother!), Ray Sharpe (The Bus Song) and John D. Loudermilk (The Midnight Bus - check out Betty McQuade's version of this gem...)