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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gladys "Gee Gee" Hill KCOH

Photo by Benny Joseph (1957)
Boss Jock, "Gee Gee" on the air 1970 in Houston Texas.
Added to "Airchecks" over on the right side of this page.
Richard "Groove" Holmes - Misty (45)
I lost a lot of quarters playing this one on the juke at the H & O Cafe in Pensacola Fla.


Timmy said...

Excellent photo! Can this shot REALLY be from 1970? All the cars are much older...

Debbie D said...

Timmy, the aircheck is from 1970. The photo is 1957.

Anonymous said...

what else was on the juke?

Debbie D said...

I remember some JB, and the sweet tea was so sweet, it served as dessert.