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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Joe South Was Born 70 Years Ago


Joseph Alfred Souter was born February 28, 1940, in Atlanta, GA. He cut "The Purple People Eater Meets The Witch Doctor" before he was even out of high school, and would go on to cut tons of great records ranging from rockabilly to psychedelia for the next seventeen years. He wrote and/or produced most of the Tams' and Billy Joe Royal's best stuff, he's had his songs cut by anyone you can think of, he's on Blonde On Blonde and "Chain of Fools", and is posessed of such magic powers that his work on The Sounds of Silence* actually rendered Simon and Garfunkel palatable! Even Deep Purple couldn't completely ruin his song! Surely he is the son of God! ALL HAIL JOE SOUTH!

* The album, not the single as I assumed until I was fact-checking this.


Anonymous said...

Appreciate your attention for this slightly forgotten music " hero".
You sum it all up....advise: listen to his early, circa 1969, Capitol album (s). DIG the guitar sound.

Anonymous said...

Where is Joe South now & what doe he do?