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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Cassius" Love Vs. "Sonny" Bono

Anyone who's spent much time being bombarded by my musical choices knows that two things I really love are Sonny Bono's solo records, as collected on the Rhino Handmade version of Inner Views (I'd avoid the Collector's Choice edition, which is only that album without his other singles), and Beach Boys' Party! So imagine my joy to hear Sonny's peanut butter in the Beach Boys' chocolate! Two great tastes that taste great together!

(Incidentally, you should go here, where the Sonny label is swiped from, to see one of the coolest autograph-collecting strategies I've ever seen)


Anonymous said...

why don't anybody comment? Sonny blew our minds in 65, we thought he was really hip, son-of a-gun-now !!
I still have the dutch 45 of laugh at me !! and laugh at it. he dead, Cher a babe, me 60 yrs old.

eternalteenager said...

there is even a cover version in French, by, then TEENAGE IDOL, "Sheila" my collection.

Anonymous said...

wow - that autograph collector's site is unbelievable.

Timmy said...

Sonny was one of the all time best.