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Friday, July 23, 2010

Kustom Voxmobile Model

The Voxmobile !
Originally uploaded by PredictaMike
Go over to Flickr and check this out! "PredictaMike" has built some pretty amazing stuff, of which this is but the tip of the veritable iceberg.


Dot King said...

Current whereabouts of the Voxmbile if you're interested. It lives in my town and I got to visit it a couple of times, it's SUPERBAD!

$175,000.00 and it's ALL YOURS!

The model is AMAZING as well.

Soda Pop Smash said...

The Barris car has been robbed of every piece of Vox equipment. The original engine is also long gone. The clowns trying to sell this wreck also have a bridge they would like to sell you.