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    Sunday, July 4, 2010

    On The Air With Greg Cartwright

    Greg in action at the Earl in Atlanta. Photo by Greg Germani.

    Magnetic Field playing Miriam Linna's surprise birthday party 2005

    Greg Cartwright stopped by the WFMU studios in Jersey City, New Jersey recently to spin some records for Ichiban. Dig this highly informal set of rare Rock 'n' Soul 45s!

    Turn It On!!!

    1-Ronny Kae - Swingin’ Drums
    2-L. B. Wilson - Don’t
    3-Jack Southern - Darlene
    4-LaSabres Combo - Standby
    5-Freddy Butler - Pitter Patter
    6-Bobby Lee Trammell - Tator
    7-Gene Simmons - Call Sam
    8-Jody Reynolds - Devil Girl
    9-Ervin Rucker - She’s Alright
    10-Geno Washington - You Got Me Hummin’
    11-Little Howard Rice - Natural Girl
    12-Ripp Tide - Dynamite
    13-Tony & Tyrone - Turn It On Girl
    14-Eddie Kirk - The Hawg Pt. 1
    15-Jay Stutes & The Swamp Pickers - Sugar Bee
    16-Harry Lee - You Don’t Know
    17-Eddie Bo - Oh Oh
    18-Just Us - Hey Everybody
    19-The Flameouts - Fun Girl
    20-The Light Brigade - Baby You Don’t Care
    21-The Counts - Change Your Mind
    22-Jim Tarbutton - The Mysterians
    23-Reuben Bell - It’s Not That Easy
    24-Melvin Davis - I Don’t Want You
    25-The Banshees - Take A Ride With Me
    26-Benny Curtis - Ain’t That Tough
    27-Chain Gang - Son Of Sam

    Oblivians live on WFMU's Cherry Blossom Clinic With Terre T
    (Air Date TBD)

    Reigning Sound Live on WFMU's Cherry Blossom Clinic With Terre T
    (December 2009)

    And, finally, don't miss the archive of the Reigning Sound's 2010 return to WFMU.

    Thanks Greg and Terre!


    Anonymous said...

    great music!! keep it up and take care

    Joe non Papa said...

    That was a great set by Mr Cartwright. I look forward to the promised part 2.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Greg, Great stuff all the way! But what about that DYNAMITE! record you played right after Little Howard Rice? What's the info? Gotta get me a copy soon, no matter what .....
    Jeroen - Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    Debbie D said...

    Oops! That was my fault. I was so busy dancing I forgot to write that one down. Greg?!

    Debbie D said...

    Oops! That was my fault. I was so busy dancing I forgot to write that one down. Greg?!

    Max Frost said...

    Damn, what a great set! I hope part 2 is coming soon!

    Listener Greg said...

    RIP Magnetic Field

    HeySuchAndSuch said...

    Fannnnnntastic! G.C. & Reigning Sound were one of the Friday Norton 25 highlites, and these DJ sets (not just G.C.'s) have long been one of my favorite things about this site....these get major play during my long, late-nite drives so thanks for giving me something fresh to add to the collection!!