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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Japanese Pops


Thanks To Takeshi for sending us this compilation!

1.Aumi Ishida - So Long Baby (mp3)
2.Aumi Ishida - The Shadow Of Romans
3.Cookies - Teach Me First Love
4.Michie Sahara - Let's Go Mach
5.Aiko Ito - The Funky Look Girl
6-Sayuri Yoshinaga - Pleasure Of Love
7-Yukio Hashi - A Couple In The Rain
8.Yukio Hashi - Ameriachi
9.Tetsuya Goda - Sanmarion In Sun Set
10.Teruko Akatuki - Bikkuri Shakkiri Boogie
11.Akira Mita - Ameriachi of Love
12.Yaeko Mizutani - Song Of Hula Hoop
13.Takeshi Kiyohara - Mid Night Rock Party
14.Takeshi Kiyohara - Twist USA
15.Izumi Yukimura - How About Cha Cha
16.Hideko Tani - Tokyo Bosa Nova Girl
17.Hiroko Takegosh - Suku Suku Suki
18.Yuko Shimazu - Hey Monroe
19.Yuki Humi - Mini Mini Date
20.Michiru Maki - Crazy Heart
21.Makoto Mekata - Mash Potato
22.Makoto Mekata - That Girl Of Rumor
23.Makoto Mekata - Transistor Sister
24.Ryu Wakuda - Punch Guy


Timmy said...

So many biggy thanky you's! This is a groovy far out sacrafice to Buddha's denizen of delights.

Rik Tod said...

Thanks for fixing the links (I posted the original link when this was first put up). These are terrific, and so is this blog!

Anonymous said...

this looks great. is there a link to dl all the trx at one time?
& i love the instro comps & others from jr williams.

Debbie D said...

Sure, Bobbo. Just use this.

Anonymous said...

This is a really great compilation!


Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

I'm serious, I guess I wasn't really paying attention, but I listened to about 6 or 7 songs before I actually realized it was Japanese and not Mexican music! Wild!!

Anonymous said...

thanks debbie d.
i haven't quite figured this out yet but i'll keep trying. i do appreciate your response.