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Friday, August 13, 2010

William Castle Week

August 27 - September 6 at the Film Forum in New York City


Exeter said...

"The Tingler" !!!
What a great film!

Debbie D said...

Yeah! I hope they shock the seats!

Rotting Corpse A-Go-Go said...

I can't wait for this and based on the mailer I got all showings will include all of Mr. Castles wonderful gimmicks

Debbie D said...

Mercy? Or No Mercy?

No Mercy! said...

1965 - "I Saw What You Did" - The film was initially promoted using giant plastic telephones but after a rash of prank phone calls and complaints, the telephone company refused Castle permission to use them or mention telephones. So he turned the back rows of theaters into "Shock Sections". Seat belts were installed to keep patrons from being jolted from their chairs in fright