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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The "In" Sound With Harry Harrison

Tommy James - Mirage (mp3)

In the mid 1960's, Harry Harrison had a weekly radio spot where he asked fans what they thought the next hit would be.  He conducted brief interviews with the band, played the selected song and plugged the army.   I wonder how many of these are out there.


Ivan said...

Oh wow... This is an awesome blast from the past! Too bad it doesn't have the "Hah-REE Har-iss-son" jingle, but hearing that voice? Great stuff.

Timmy said...

I do know that "Sillouettes" put a LP out of Brother John Rydgren, which is excellent (If you want, lemme know), but Didn't know about this or other DJ's having releases...

Debbie D said...

Thanks, Timmy. The Sillouettes lp can be found on the FMU blog.

Anonymous said...

there are about 15 or so of these on a series of CD's entitled "psychedleic promos and radio spots" These are great the tommy james one was new to me