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Sunday, October 3, 2010


1965 Rambler (mp3)


Holly said...

My gram had a Rambler, & she drove me all around until the day I went out with my dad (in the family Beetle) & he stopped at a red light.
I asked him why he stopped, he explained, and I responded "but Gramma doesn't!"

Gram rocked. No seat belts!

sshark said...

Kenosha Cadillac ! The last one was produced on June 30, 1969. It was one of over 4.2 million cars that rolled off the assembly line in Kenosha .

Anonymous said...

great find Debby (is this the whole thing or has it been issed as a 45....?)

thx a lot

B said...

Our family had a Rambler in the mid-'60s! One thing I remember was how the hair on my brush-cut would stick through the little holes in the fabric on the underside of the roof!

I'm pretty sure there were only lap-belts in the front and none in the rear. There were probably after-market seatbelts available though!

Thanks for the ad, especially since I'm a '65 too!