Friday, October 29, 2010

Remembering Mad Mike Metrovich this Halloween Season

Mad Mike died shortly after his Halloween show back in 2000. Two years ago Norton Records put out the stunning collection titled, Mad Mike Monsters. If you don't know who Mad Mike was, I can't stress enough that you pick up the 3 LP's (they're out on cd too, but....) that are filled to the brim with amazing songs. If you already know who Mad Mike was, I assume you already have these wonderful releases!

Here is a song that was a Mad Mike favorite with some Mad Mike patter before and after the song from an aircheck from a Halloween show on WZUM (it remains to be seen if this was from his last show, but when i first heard it, it gave me shivers down my spine).


And here is a link to my compilation of songs Mad Mike used to play that I made shortly after the Norton releases with all sorts of Mad Mike airchecks thrown in. I tried to make it sound like an actual Mad Mike show from back in the day. It is called More Mad Mike Madness.

oops, the link was dead--now fixed...