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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Charley Pride In Person

Seeing Charley Pride sing the national anthem on TV the other night before his beloved Texas Rangers were summarily dispatched from the World Series by a bunch of sixteen year old hippies from San Francisco, I was reminded that he cut what might be the best live country album ever. It's like a country version of the first Ramones album in its brevity and perfection. If you're used to his studio recordings, many of which are slathered in high fructose Nashville additives, it's a treat to hear him swinging and loose with nary a string section or choir in sight and a killer band that prominently features the astonishing Lloyd Green on pedal steel, who does this thing on "Six Days On The Road" where he imitates an approaching police siren and for a moment you think that either something's wrong with your stereo or your ride is finally here. This album appears to be out of print but you can find the LP used easily enough, and you should. Until you do, here's a few cuts to tide you over:
Six Days On The Road
Just Between You And Me
Shutters & Boards


Greg G said...

Well said, Matt.

Timmy said...

Charley: a real good honky tonk singer. There are so many other GREAT Charley Pride tunes, so e'rybody should pop open a cold beer & investgate.