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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Ichiban Meetup......Macon, Ga.

Happy to report that the first ever Ichiban Meet & Greet this weekend in Macon was a big success. Perhaps you'll recall that last week I put out the word that we'd be staging a little get together at the Disabled American Veterans Hall in Macon, Georgia. Music was provided by the Southern Gents.

Things went off without a hitch and we sure were surprised by the size of our readership in Macon. A nicer bunch of people you could never hope to meet. Thanks for coming out, y'all! That's our fearless leader right in the middle.


Suellen said...

Debbie D is my hero, along with the other Veterans in attendance.

Suellen G

DickE.Elvis said...

nice lookin group of folks. if you ever host anything in Seattle let us know!

Funky Old Man said...

Ichiban Rocks!!!! Giving memorabilia from WFMU as Holiday gifts.

Debbie D said...

This photo makes me very happy! Thanks to everyone for coming out. And special thanks to the Southern Gents for playing all our favorite Ray Price songs.

Timmy said...

Great Googah-Moogah! Looks like a fantastic time was had for all. After, Seattle, Southern Cal, OK???

Ken in Denver said...

To quote a great man: "it goes to show you never can tell."