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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


In a show of good taste rarely seen in the last three or four decades, our cousins across the pond in Old Blighty have sent History's Most Perfect Musical Performance to number three on the U.K. Pop Single charts, according to this here article in the L.A. Times. Sure, one could argue that this represents less an act of respect for greatness and more one of eminently justifiable contempt for Simon Cowell and his diabolical puppets, but by God, it still counts! Congratulations to these great Minnesotans, who can next be seen on our shores January 15th in Anaheim, CA at friend of the blog Deke Dickerson's Guitar Geek Festival. If you're in the Pacific Time Zone or can get to the Pacific time zone by then, you'd be a chump not to attend!


Debbie D said...

Good show! I downloaded Surfin' Bird, even though I have 2 back up 45s. It's the one thing that warped me at the tender age of 4. Thanks, Dad.

Sally Jo said...

Requiescat in pace

Steve Wahrer

November 22,1941–January 21,1989

Funky Old Man said...

One thing you haven't seen in 60 years is a folding chair in a pic with a rock band.