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Friday, December 24, 2010

Hello, Uncle Daddy (MP3)

Parrish Brothers - Hello, Uncle Daddy

This sordid record (but, really, it's not nearly as warped as the title suggests) goes out to Uncle Daddy & The Kissin' Cousins, Atlanta's own hillbilly jug band.

They may be hillbillies, but that doesn't mean they're without a Facebook page.


Timmy said...

Nice. Can't wait to play it for my aunt, Uncle Mommy...

Funky Old Man said...

Any known reason they're on a Minnesota label?

Bruce said...

Hmmm...interesting... Is that Buddy Killen of Tree Publishing who's the band's A&R director? And the engineer (who must have had the record pressed) any relation to Bob Stinson of the Replacements? Here's a link to a song perfomed by the wrtiter of the song Daryl Petty doing the lead on Cha Cha Rock by the Hi-Liters.