Sunday, February 20, 2011

Adopt Your Favorite DJ!

Act now to adopt your favorite WFMU DJ! For one low payment of $365 you can adopt Debbie D, Rex, Mr. Fine Wine or Dave the Spazz. Offer expires March 13, 2011. Must like monkeys.

Details here.


Anonymous said...

I own that same Jersey City Giants hat. People always ask me if the "JC," stands for Jesus Christ, and I always say "Yes, Our Savior had a baseball team made up of his Apostles. Hardly seems fair, does it?"

Anonymous said...

What a fine lookin' bunch of hard workin' individuals! Must apologize profusely and listen to a scratched Nervous Norvus record 100 times over in atonement for the earlier comment on the "Thank You Friends!" page photo elsewhere at ichi-land...

- B._B.