Sunday, March 6, 2011

Jocko Henderson

 Jerry Blavat, Georgie Woods and Jocko Henderson

1957 (DJ Aircheck) mp3


Timmy said...

Very nice. A slice from the way-back macine.

Unknown said...

Jerry Blavat is still at it. Every couple of summers of so I hit one of the dance parties he runs at bars along the South Jersey shore. He shows up in a car on which "Geator Mobile" is prominently displayed, just above the name of the Philadelphia auto dealer figuring he'll cash in on Jerry's action by lending him this car with his name on it. Jerry spins sides, dances a little (he was a great dancer once), sings along to the oldies, and shouts out to the regulars, aka "the yon teens", who are line-dancing away like it's 1964. Quite a scene and a real hoot that I recommend highly.

Siggy said...

many tanx! for the Jocko post.
I remember Jocko on WWRL out of Newark NJ. To this day I will sometimes (has to be the right time) say Ooo Pop A Do and How Do You Do. This is your engineer Jocko, making the scene with the record machine. The correct time is now 10:15.