Saturday, March 26, 2011

Now Playing At The Fool's Paradise Twin


The Angry Red Planet (radio promo)

*No outside food or drink*



Count Reeshard said...

Please program 'Cosmic Man' with John Carradine soon, Debbie D.. A twin bill of that and its uptown inspiration - The Day The Earth Stood Still - would inspire much Psychotronic awe in my corner.

Thanks for the great Ichiban effort!

Joe non Papa said...

The horror double bill that gave me the most willies as little kid was "This Island Earth" along with "Revenge of the Creature". I think that I spent most of those three hours facing back to the projection room to avoid looking at the screen!

buzz said...

The poster for THE ASTOUNDING SHE MONSTER is far, far superior to the film itself. Another blog found it was a swipe from a pose in a figure photography mag back in the 1950s.