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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Preparation X (MP3)

Farris Garland & The Lonesome Valley Boys - Preparation X

I have no idea who Farris Garland is or was, but he deserves to be remembered for one of the most remarkable truck driving songs ever recorded. Preparation X is his deliriously cockeyed tribute to Preparation H, the hemorrhoid medication that's been around since the mid 1930s.

For the song, he shrewdly changed the name of the product to Preparation X, no doubt in an attempt to protect the Garland family fortune from Big Pharma's predatory legal sharks.

Since I don't expect I'll ever revisit the subject of hemorrhoid medication here on the blog, I should probably go ahead and mention Dave Dudley's Rolaids, Doan's Pills And Preparation H, a greasy 1980 release that somehow wound up being a minor hit on the Billboard chart. If you have the inclination and a strong stomach to go with it, you can check it out on YouTube.


Timmy said...

Song of the century! Thanx.........

Anonymous said...

He's truly "The Stranger". There's nothing I could find on him. Too bad, someone who writes and records such a classic should really get his due.