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Monday, April 25, 2011

Huey Meaux Dead At 82

The devil finally caught up with Huey Meaux last week and we here at the Ichiban Head Office could not let that go unnoticed. Before all the gory details of his wicked personal life became public, it was hard not to marvel at Huey Meaux's remarkable accomplishments as a producer. Huey was one of the primary architects of swamp pop music - Gulf Coast Rock and Roll - epitomized by Meaux-produced hits like "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do" by Jivin' Gene and Joe Barry's "I'm A Fool To Care". Then there were all the hits Meaux scored with Barbara Lynn, Freddie Fender, and Doug Sahm. But best of all were all the oddball records the man released on both major labels and hopelessly obscure imprints. Like Kim Fowley, a Huey Meaux credit on a 45 meant something interesting, strange and possibly disturbing was in store. Huey was also the most passionate (and pill-fueled) deejay to ever man a microphone--surpassed only by Dewey Phillips for pure broadcast mayem.

Here is some random weirdness from the Crazy Cajun including a sheet from his personal "memeaux" pad purloined from his office, an extended aircheck from an early 80s Meaux show on KUT in Austin, TX and perhaps the most disturbing Christmas 45 ever! As the Crazy Cajun himself would say, "you better sure believe it!!!"

Huey Meaux on WFMU's Aircheck (mp3)

The Weird Beard & Crazy Cajun - T'was A Weird Nite Before Christmas (mp3)

Editor's note: Don't miss this youtube clip of the Crazy Cajun in action on KPFT!



Greg G said...

To quote someone wise and distinguished, "Welcome, Rex."

Jukeboxmafia said...

Thanks Rex!

Gary Mitchell said...

Incredible KPFT aircheck. Hey Rex, play that Lee Williams "Half Steppin" on your show.

C. von Grumpy said...

Thanks a lot, great stuff!