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Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's Go To The Beach!

Ichiban Live Music Show on Network Awesome!

Get ready for summer with these Beach Blasts from the past!!
-The Beach Boys & Annette perform the title track from "The Monkey's Uncle" 1965
-Gary Lewis & The Playboys perform "Malibu Run from the 1966 movie "Out Of Sight"
-Arch Hall Jr. performs his hit "Twist Fever" in the 1962 movie "Wild Guitar" while Nancy Czar works it on out.
-Bob Denver aka Gilligan performs "Ho Daddy" from the 1964 film "For Those Who Think Young"
-Dick Dale performs the song "Swingin' and Surfin'" from Frankie and Annette's "Beach Party" 1963
-Former Miss America Mary Ann Mobley performs the title track to "Get Yourself A College Girl" 1964
-The song "Don't Stop Now" from Frankie and Annette's "Beach Party"
-The Pyramids perform "Bikini Drag" in the 1964 movie "Bikini Beach"
-The Rip Chords perform "Red Hot Roadster" in the 1965 movie "A Swingin' Summer" while Lance Rock works it on out.
-Gary Lewis & The Playboys sing "Little Miss Go Go" for this Scopitone that features a young Teri Garr

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Maynard G. Krumbs said...

For Those Who Think Young
Also known as
Strandparty bei Mondschein
in Austria.

Jerry Fielding wrote the Bob Denver shindig (CHINdig?) Ho Daddy! What a hoot!

Jerry was blacklisted by the House Un-American Activities Committee in December 1953. The blacklist lasted until 1961.

He also wrote the theme songs for Hogan's Heroes and The Bad News Bears.