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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Opry Almanac With Roger Miller! (Re-Post)

Opry Almanac on Network Awesome

 Ralph Emery hosted Opry Almanac on WSM-TV in Nashville from 1963 - 1966.  On this particular episode, guests Roger Miller, Charlie Louvin and Thumbs Carlisle had been out partying the night before.  The party is still going on during this early morning appearance on live television.

The band includes:

Jimmie Colvard: Guitar
Thumbs Carlisle: Guitar
Beggie Cruiser (Adair): Piano
Bobby Dyson: Fender Bass
Buddy Rogers & Jerry Allison: Drums 

Jerry Allison from the Crickets also makes a brief appearance on the show.  This may be the only footage in existance of Opry Almanac as most of the master tapes were recorded over or destroyed.  All the live commercials, weather and news are here as well as Thumbs Carlisle being played on stage to the Batman Theme!



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Wicked great! Whata show for '63... Thank ya very kindly for this glimpse into the past.