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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Do The Jellyfish

(Sorry, don't know why the thumbnail's not displaying, but the video does work and is well worth your time!)

As the good folks at PCL LinkDump noted, this clip is "From the 1966 movie STING OF DEATH, the greatest movie ever made featuring a half man, half jellyfish villain. If you enjoy close-up shots of girls butts in tight pants, then this movie is for you!" And, yes, that's Neil Sedaka doing the singing.

You should really click on over to their site, where they've also fixed us up with some fantastic screen captures. Tip of the cap to Thom Tex Edwards for bringing this to my attention.


Joe non Papa said...

I also hear one of Rex's sound bytes at the beginning. This movie has everything!

Junkyardjoes said...

You get that caught up in the great dancing and ass shaking you forget about the jellyman, what happens? Do they go skinny dipping?

Artie Mondello said...

While much about this film is indefensible -- the jellyfish-man costume, in particular, would be insulting even at a kids' 4-H haunted house -- STING OF DEATH is one of my most treasured movies. There's nothing in nature as mesmerizingly beautiful as pre-Disney Florida captured in Eastman color, and it's never so bright and vivid as it is here. This is one of those films (along with GOLDFINGER and BLAZE STARR GOES NUDIST) where I'll often pop 'er on just to have something lovely in the background -- colorful, sunshiney, and fulla curvy dames & sharp architecture. It belongs in a time capsule AND a museum.