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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Twilight Zone

Perchance To Dream (video)


sshark said...

Written by Charles Beaumont !(January 2, 1929 – February 21, 1967)

When he was 34, he developed "a mysterious brain disease". Beaumont suffered simultaneously from Alzheimer's and Pick's diseases.

UCLA doctors sent Beaumont home: "There's absolutely no treatment for this disease. It's permanent and it's terminal. He'll probably live from six months to three years with it. He'll decline and get to where he can't stand up. He won't feel any pain. In fact, he won't even know this is happening."

Charles Beaumont died in Woodland Hills, California at the age of 38. But at that time, said his son Christopher later, "he looked ninety-five and was, in fact, ninety-five by every calendar except the one on your watch."

Debbie D said...

This is the best Fun House scene!!!

Greg from Bloomfield said...

Starring a young Don Barzini...