Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Louis Marshall Jones, Age 53

 An Opry star for twenty years, at this point he's still three years 
away from his Hee Haw debut.

In his secret identity, I think he kinda looks a bit like Redneck GReece.

What do you think?


Robert said...

I posted what is probably the least "Grandpa" Grandpa Jones record on my blog here:


It's pretty good!

Timmy said...

Nope. It aint him. Different nose.

Devlin Thompson said...

You misunderstand... I'm not saying that they're the same guy. I'm just suggesting that Grandpa might have gotten up to some mischief down in Georgia around a half-century ago that Ramona didn't know about. Such noble blood might help to explain GReece's country & Western super-powers. For those not familiar with his work, I can assure you... he's not an ordinary mortal!