Friday, October 7, 2011

Horror Movie Hosts Part 2

Earlier this week I shared some clips of Cleveland area Horror Movie Hosts.
Today I give you three more that, along with being hauled on an almost weekly basis to the old Skyway Drive-In in Zanesville, Ohio (where I witnessed ALL manners of horror, sleaze & perversion in the early-mid seventies), really were what set me on the CORRECT path as a child.

First we have from Columbus Ohio, Fritz The Night Owl!
He had a nightly movie, but on Friday night it was Chiller Theater and frequently showed two films!

I was fortunate to live in Pittsburgh during the late seventies.
A veritable feast o'frightening fear flicks awaited me every weekend from these next two cats:

The main man on the scene was Chilly Billy Cardille with Chiller Theater on channel 11!
Amazing. He and his cast of characters (Terminal Stare!!) showed all manner of action & it was from him that I REALLY developed a taste for Eurohorrorsleaze. He showed a LOT of it.
(Plus, he was in the original Night Of The Living Dead, but I'm sure anyone reading this blog already knows that lil' tidbit.)
Here is a clip circa 1981 (following some naff commercials):

And here is a little retrospective about some of the show's history:

Finally, The Ghost Host! I think he was out of Baltimore but I got him on Pittsburgh's UHF channel 22.
Great flicks and great opening. I was always wonderfully creeped out by his voice.
Plus, anyone who would sign off his show saying "Until next week, here's BLOOD in your eye," was someone to be idolized in my book!

Happy Halloweentime, group, from me and a few of my childhood friends!