Monday, October 17, 2011


Jason Willis, proprietor of the great blog Scar Stuff (still up but not quite as functional as before), last year on Halloween did an animation that is so massively mindblowing to me. It coincided with the release of a book I thought could never happen about the history of Eerie Publications. Eerie Pubs (not to be confused with Eerie Magazine pubished by Warren) was a super sleazy publishing house with a long dirty history of Myron Fass' weird one shot magazines (exploiting just about ANYTHING of the moment from Son Of Sam to Elvis & Test Tube babies from Outer Space). Eerie Pubs did a long series of the lowest rung horror comic mags with the sickest most insane covers ever! I was so obsessed with these as a kid that i almost never noticed how crappy the insides were. Redrawn cut up & put back together old comics that Fass did in the 50's with loads of extra gore dumped on the top, with some good new stuff thrown in as well. These were looked down upon forever & you could buy 'em up till about 10 years ago for about a quarter. Suddenly people started appreciating these magazines (Weird, Tales of Voodoo, Witches Tales, Horror Tales, Tales From The Tomb, Terror Tales, Weird Vampire Tales, etc...haha) and prices went up & up which was as bizarre as the magazines themselves. The good folks at Feral House Publishing did a gorgeous book about these magazines & the history of Mr. Fass. Jason Willis did an animation made out of dissected images from the covers of these mags. Seeing them move, even this much is total magic to me as these images are burned into my brain from a lifetime of staring at these magazine covers.
Here is his animation (best to watch on YouTube as the right side seems to be clipped here):

here is a link to his blog entry & description of this animation:

and here's a link to the book:

They even made a commercial for the book! haha..

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Fantastic video!