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Thursday, October 13, 2011

More Songs We Taught Porter Wagoner

During our "Country Music Week" festivities the other week, there was some discussion of the relative merits of "The First Mrs. Jones" as performed by Porter Wagoner versus Bill Anderson's own version (SPOILER ALERT: they're both awesome!). This week, I'd like to initiate a similar discussion about another song from The Cold Hard Facts of Life, arguably Porter's greatest  (I'd certainly argue for it!).

Here's Porter's familiar version:

And here's a version by its composer, Mr.Willie Hugh Nelson.

   As much as I love Porter's version, I've got to lean toward Willie's rendition:  cooler and detached, yet with the quiet menace lurking right under the surface. This is a record that my wife doesn't care for, particularly if I'm singing along (she's also not fond of Jack Kittel's version of "Psycho", for some reason). Women! Who can figure 'em?


Debbie D said...

Wait a minute. Willie wrote this?! I never knew that. Thanks, Devlin!!

Greg G said...

I think I might (slightly) prefer the Porter Wagoner version, though you do make a good case for Willie's.

By the way, the link to the Willie Nelson version seems to be in need of repair.

Debbie D said...

For the love of Christ, please fix the link so I can hear Willie's version!

Devlin Thompson said...

Don't know what happened... I tested the link before I posted, but something went screwy. Anyway, I think it works now.

Debbie D said...

Thanks, Devlin. You fooled me at first! I thought this was the CHFOL! Yeah, I don't blame your better half at all.