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Friday, November 25, 2011

Esquerita Awareness Month: Little Richard - "Dew Drop Inn"

     Today's tune, released in Spring 1970 by Little Richard and co-written by "Esqrita," was the first single off of The Rill Thing, his first new album in three years and was the flip side of "Freedom Blues", also co-written by Mr. Reeder, . It was Richard's biggest hit in the post-Specialty era, charting in Billboard at #47, and in Cashbox at #62, which I suppose makes it the best-selling disk that Esquerita was ever involved in.
     While the song is a tribute to the famous New Orleans night spot (located at 2836 LaSalle Street), it also serves as something of a eulogy, since it was at about this same point that the club breathed it's last gasp.  Jeff Hannusch has a good article about it's history at the Iko Iko website that I recommend.
     Esquerita's own version of this tune was recorded in the '60s. but not released until 1991 by the good folks at Norton Records. It can be had either as a 7'' or as a bonus on the CD version of Vintage Voola. Maybe you should just get both, to be safe!

Little Richard - "Dew Drop Inn"


foghorn said...

Blazing Action -- Boss Entertainment

Anonymous said...

Bigger charts hit than Bama Lamam Bama Loo ? ( 1964, L R with guitar solo).

Devlin Thompson said...

"Bama Lama Bama Loo" only made it to 82 on the Billboard charts, actually (though it was #20 in England, for what that's worth). And is there any account of him actually turning up on Richard's Specialty sessions? The personnel on that recording that I found would be:

Leader: Little Richard
Produced by Art Rupe
Little Richard - vocals & piano
Adolph Jacobs - guitar
Dewey Terry - guitar
Rene Hall - Fender bass
James E Bond Jr - bass
Earl Palmer Sr - drums
Glenn Willings - guitar
Billy Preston, Douglas Gibbs, Jesse Kirkson, unknown - background vocals

Junkyardjoes said...

This Black Sista's Blog gives a good account of The Dew Drop Inn Page