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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Behind the scenes at FAME Recording Studio in Muscle Shoals, AL (1969)

Featuring Brook Benton & Booker T & The MGs recording sessions (could this really be them recording "Time Is Tight?"), The Muscle Shoals horns working out an arrangement (that's gotta be Isaac Hayes playing sax, right?) and more. (A L'affiche Du Monde 3.22.69) via


Ken K. in NJ said...

Great video. Thanks!

Anyone know who the female is who comes on at about 8:00? I'm thinking it's Bettye Crutcher, who co-wrote some Stax songs including "Who's Making Love".

The only other female name I know of who was a writer there was Deanie Parker and I'm pretty sure that's not her.

Anonymous said...

the lingo, for you non-zydeco's, is least my next-to neighbours did this report in 69, showing more foresight than US media (R S not included). Holland knew about Fame as well, from written reports. And you out there? In the year 2525 ? Damman

Pete W in London said...

Fantastic clip, which I've never seen before - thanks! What a superb and underrated singer (and songwriter) Brook Benton was. That's Barry Beckett, Jimmy Johnson and co backing him up in Muscle Shoals; the Stax session, with the regular Stax horn section (Wayne Jackson, Andrew Love et al)is for the Emotions' first hit "So I Can Love You" in '69, written and produced by Hayes and Porter - hence Isaac H directing proceedings. As to the lady at the end vainly trying to define soul to the predictably over-intellectualising Gallic interviewer, I don't think it's Bettye Crutcher, so maybe it is Deanie Parker - who aptly enough I believe is still there, on the staff of the Stax Museum in Memphis. Thanks again!