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Friday, January 27, 2012

"Mini-skirts, Kids, Stores and Long Hair" ("Magasins Des Jeunes Mini Jupes et Cheveux Longs")

Documentary footage from France. Featuring an Ultra-Cool French Pop-Psych/Freakbeat band called "Les Something", who I don't think made any records. I couldn't find any info on them, anyway. Lots of great shots of cool 60's French dancing teens. It was labeled "Magasins Des Jeunes Mini Jupes et Cheveux Longs" which Google Translate tells me means "Mini-skirts, Kids, Stores and Long Hair". Not sure if that's an actual title or just something somebody made up. No idea when this was broadcast or on what show. via


Anonymous said...

Forget google, read:"magazine ( as in newspaper) of the young, the mini skirts and the long hairs", cheveux-longs was a french phrase in those days, like in dutch. What the main title of the mag was, remains a question. Salut Les Copains ? ( greet the buddies). avec de l; amour a tous, votre Hollandais.

Anonymous said...

Adding to comment: I understood all the french. It is a report on what the title says, and the kids are asked about it by a reporter. Mini skirts were quite a controversy back then as the hair...i remember well, and must add the dancing is quite normal we did the same in Holland with Q65 or Outsiders shows. The 2nd song by the Band is typical french shuffle pop for sloooow dance. Almost like Johnny Hallyday....adieu!!