Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday Morning wake 'n' shake: GUITAR GABLE and KING KARL go Walking in the Park

Ever wonder what happened when Aunt Mary finally caught bald head Sally and Uncle John "ducking" in the alley?

Turns out, Sally gets a truly brutal tongue lashing, climaxing with the immortal quatrain: "I'm gonna tear you apart like a dishrag; ain't gonna give you a chance to cry - and when I get through, you know that you will have to get better to die!"

Sally flees. Uncle John gets dragged home and accepts his lot in life.


ana-b said...

How funny. I click on over to check out the new post....and there's a scan of my copy of the 45.

Mr. Soul Motion said...

Ha! I was too lazy to bother to scan my own copy. Actually considered whether or not I would get busted because of the WOL. That didn't take long. Thanks for the loan!

ana-b said...

"That didn't take long"

Without trying I seem to have an eagle eye for my records. I once found one of my scans on another blog even after the flaws in the label had been photoshopped out.

I don't mind unless someone uses my rip along with the scan and then pretends it's their record. A link to the source in that situation is simply a matter of courtesy.

Debbie D said...

"A link to the source in that situation is simply a matter of courtesy."

I'm with you on this! Ugh, internet.