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    Saturday, February 11, 2012

    Joe Tex month day 11: Ernie K-Doe-Nus Cut!

    In which we all learn that a h-o-m-e without l-o-v-e is just a h-o-u-s-e.  Excellent 1963 B-side by the one and only Ernie K-Doe, penned by Joe Tex and never recorded by anyone else that I know of. 


    domino9 said...

    More great stuff I've never heard before. Actually Joe recorded this for Dial under the title 'I should have kissed her more'. Ernie K-Doe recorded at least 2 other JT songs; 'Get out of my house' (a great Mother-in-law sequel) and 'One penny's worth of happiness' (a catchy teen ballad about a weighing machine!)

    Dr. Filth said...

    Thanks, domino9. Hadn't heard either of those K-Does OR the Joe version.