Thursday, April 19, 2012

T. Valentine Weekend Is Here!!

Lost 1966 Session

Dave the Spazz kicks off the festivities tonight on Music To Spazz By, 9 PM 'til midnight.  Billy Norton will be dropping by to preview an INCREDIBLE, unearthed acetate by the one and only Esquerita!!!  Get ready to have your wig hat flipped!

The Norton gang heads back to Jersey City on Saturday for an exclusive chat with the Goo Goo man of the hour himself, T. Valentine!!  Fool's Paradise With Rex 1-3 PM.

See you all at the Lakeside Lounge for the main event Sunday at 8 PM. Get there early, stay late.  T. Val will be available to autograph your playbills after the show!  OW!  OW!!

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Anonymous said...

Fun shows! Billy spinnin' solid tunes on Spazz and Rex reverb-o-rating the Valentine owwwww! Hope the shows make it into the ichi stream! OWWWWWWWWW! -Ward, Douglas Az.