Wednesday, May 2, 2012

James Brown Month History Lesson: Mr. Dynamite Unauthorized

Interesting for expert and novice alike, here's a compilation of documentaries, news clips and TV appearances from Soul Brother Ichiban. The first hour is a British documentary from the late 70s (first 20 minutes, VERY interesting - Brown shoots pool, combs his hair, negotiates a deal on a show, goes to Africa) and an 80s US documentary (a useful career trajectory).   The second hour is shorter TV interviews and features from the 80s when Brown's career was really being reappriased by the mainstream. The Dick Cavett feature with interviews with Little Richard (starts at 1:10) is especially worth watching

 It's a mixed bag, and hardly all new (it eventually starts covering the same material more times than Brown recorded versions of "Please Please"). AND every ten minutes there's an ad for some IT synergistic something or other that stands in marked contrast to whatever funky thing is going on in the documentary. However, it's worth a bookmark and slow troll through the footage. I had to see it all, anyway.