Thursday, May 31, 2012

Psychotronic Eats The New Yorker's Brain

It's getting strange out there. The latest issue of The New Yorker features "A Psychotronic Childhood," being a pocket autobiography by Colson Whitehead, one focusing on the author's lifelong affection for fleapit cinema. The Psychotronic Encyclopedia Of Film and its author, Michael Weldon, receive significant mention throughout. A thoughtful, non-ironic take on Ray Dennis Steckler's films and others of comparably Incredibly Strange persuasion is given significant column inches within the current issue of this bastion of snootiness. Go figure.

wizard of gore 
 "What is real? Are you certain you know what reality is?" - The Wizard Of Gore


Debbie D said...

I read that article! I was surprised to see it there too. Good stuff.

gene sculatti said...

Thanks for the tip; will get this article asap. Wish I still had my issues of Sleazoid Express.