Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Doug Sahm Month: Tracker, Tiger, Jagger, Sahm

Sir Douglas's 2nd 45 on Tribe was fronted by this great "Searchin'" styled stalker stomp, here reproduced live on Shindig in July of 1965.  Let's take a moment to note that Sir Douglas and the Quintet all have their headcoats on.

When I first came across this song, it was on the Tribe "Best of the Sir Douglas Quintet" album (which I think we'll all agree is a fine way to title your very first LP). I didn't bother to check the song titles when I'd spin it, and I thought that the lyric was "I'm a Tiger". I guess I thought Sahm was hunting this object d'affection down to gobble her up. Certain lines really had to be twisted to get the verses to follow my delusional chorus. When I finally realized that he was saying "I'm a Tracker", the whole thing made much more sense. Thing was, my wife thought it was "I'm a Tiger", too.

Shortly thereafter, a couple of friends, newly married, came to town, and we were driving around the area with a Doug Sahm comp. tape blasting away. This song came on, and was playing for a while, when the bride in the back said, "Why does he keep saying 'I'm Mick Jagger?!?'"

This made even less sense than "I'm a Tiger" but was way funnier.

My thumbs will be her jail!


Mike Whybark said...

Doug has a satellite spy and a radar screen, a private CIA and a fleet of submarines.

Wile E Coyote has (among other things) six foot bedsprings tied to both of his feet and an atomic powered caddillac that's built just for speed.

I think it's fair to say Mr. Childish has sincere appreciation for Doug. Wile E Coyote is by no means a copy, but a brilliant descendant.

Mr. Soul Motion said...

Look, you can tell by the clay upon his boots, you can tell by his hat that he's in cahoots, you can see by the way combs his hair, that he killed all and sundry to be the sole heir.

Mr. Soul Motion said...

He's the owner of that tiger of the Baskervilles!

Anonymous said...

The radio DJs thought he was singing "I'm a Tractor", so the song didn't get much airplay because of that, according to Augie Meyers.

Mike again said...

i'm a tractor baby
and furrows gwine be her jail

dr filth: please post any performance available of "The Tiger of the Baskervilles," cover versions even