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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The "IN" Sound for August 15th, 1966!!

Let's take a trip back to this very day forty-six years ago with Harry Harrison, when, on the recommendation of guest DJ Dave Brehm (RIP) of WGEZ in Beloit, WI, he plays us "Lost in My World," the latest single from the Outsiders, then has a chat with lead singer Sonny Geraci and lead guitarist Bill Bruno. Fair warning: no matter how convincing you find Harry's sales pitch, you definitely do not want to join the Army in late 1966! Trust me on this one.


Debbie D said...

I love these spots!! We have several on the stream.

All I Want. said...

Posted on the very day SF author Harry Harrison dies. Deliberate or synchronicity?

Devlin Thompson said...

Purely accidental. When I was gathering the hyperlinks yesterday, the author/ex-cartoonist's Wiki page still showed him as living. He was a fine writer, and no slouch as an illustrator, either.