Friday, November 16, 2012

Here's To The Ichibaners!

WFMU is in big trouble thanks to Sandy.  The Ichiban server got fried when the power went out and we are currently streaming from Dr. Filth's bunker in Asheville, NC.  We hope to be back up later this week.  In the meantime, please donate if you can.

Big thanks to everyone who has pledged so far during our 61 Days Of October fundraiser!  Like Joe in NY NY, Tom in CT (twice!), Chris in East Elmhurst (twice!), Bob in Rockford, MI, Roger in Morristown, Jon in Paris, Anna in Brooklyn, Greg G in Decatur, GA (twice!), Nancy in NY NY, Patrick in Philly, Mellisa in Baltimore (twice!), Richard D in Sebring, FLA, Chris May in Brooklyn (twice!!), Mark in Toronto, Phil in Edwardsburg, MI, Chris in Weehawken Duncan in Manchester, UK, Don in Canada, Theodore and Polly in Brooklyn, Patrick in Austin, Steve in the Bronx, Kevin in Brooklyn, JFO aka Jimmy Fountain in NY, Tiffany in Astoria, Tom in San Diego, John in Levittown, Jody in Brooklyn, Joe in Il, Gio in Brooklyn, Jill in NY, Frank in Ohio, Thomas in Urbana, JD in Shelby, NC, Carmen in Philly, William in Wilmington, Bopkat Vintage in Brooklyn, Terry in Sunnyside, Brendan in Chicago, Ralph & Susan in the Uk, Nicole in Australia, Alexander in London, Thomas in Sweden, Tom in Chicago, Simon in San Fran, Greg O in Asheville, M in Santa Monica, Jacob in Harlem, Hana in Pennington, NJ, Intoxitard, Howie P in Ca, Christopher in Waco, Mike Mc in San Fran & Rob in NY NY!!  You can help keep Ichiban streaming 24/7 by making a donation here.   We'll even let you choose a thank you gift while you're there!  Thanks.  I thanked all y'all at the end of yesterday's Debbie Does WFMU!

Slim Harpo - Baby Scratch My Back