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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


We welcome guest DJ, Phil Milstein from Probe Is Turning On The People  to handle the scary business here today!!  We still do not have power in our Jersey City studios so I've uploaded the show for you to enjoy now.


1. Merv Griffin: House Of Horrors (Merc., 1962; wr. Ruth Roberts & Bill Katz; cond. Charles Greane)
2. Babs Tino: Dr. Jekyll Or Mr. Hyde (Kapp, 1963)
3. Cecil Campbell & His Tennessee Ramblers: Spooky Boogie (RCA Vic., 1950; actual chattering teeth!)
4. The Sharks: Spookareno (Sapien 1003)
5. Hollywood Flames: Frankenstein's Den (Ebb, 1958)
6. The Daylighters: Mad House Jump (Bea & Baby, 1959)
7. The Jayhawks: The Creature (From Outer Space) (Aladdin, 1957)
8. homemade hybrid: Casper The Friendly Ghost (TV sdtk.; Little Richard)
9. The Nightmares with Jimmie Maddin Orch.: The Headless Ghost (American Int'l., 1959)
10. Bob Ridgley: The Way-Out Mummy (Del-Fi, orig. unrel.)
11. Damon Fox: Black Widow Spider (Crimson, 1967)
12. Jack Rivers: Haunted House Boogie (Coral, 1951)
13. Jekyll & Hyde: Frankenstein Meets The Beatles (DCP, 1965)
14. Lon Chaney, Jr.: Spider Baby (from movie of same title, 1964; wr. Ronald Stein)
15. Lord Luther with The Kingsmen: (I Was A) Teenage Creature (Frantic, 1959)
16. Ray Noble & His Orch., voc Al Bowlly: Haunted House (UK, 1931)
17. Bryan "Legs" Walker: Trick Or Treat (Piper Platters (Temple City CA), 1959; wr. Bill Jacoby)
18. The Chubukos: Boogie The Devil In (Mainstream, 1974)
19. The Devils: The Exorcist (from Funk Cargo comp (Famous Groove, 1994))
20. Round Robin: I'm The Wolf Man (Domain, 1965)
21. The Sham-Ettes: (Hey There) Big Bad Wolf (MGM, 1966)
22. The Fairviews: Nightmares (Spin It (LA CA), c.1965; wr. Murray Schwimmer; pr. Nick Therry)
23. The Dell Vikings: The Voodoo Man (Merc., 1958)
24. Shalimar & His Friends: Voodoo Mash (pts. 1 & 2; Del-Fi, 1962)
25. Cathy Mills: Monster Hop (Tin Pan Alley (song-poem); wr. Gregory & Dienna)
26. Nita & Bonnie: The Graveyard Rock (Preview (song-poem); wr. Ash, Marsh & Susser)
27. The Villagers: Headless Nightmare (Petal 1410, c.1964)
28. Hot Rod All Stars: Ten Commandments From The Devil (Torpedo, 1970; wr. L. Briscoe)
29. Ron Waldon: Witch Girl (Vibra 101, 1961; wr. Clesi & Alcorn)
30. Murray Schaff & The Aristocrats: Tombstone Number 9 (King, 1956)
31. Morgus with The Daringers: Werewolf (Fulton (Det.), c.1959)
32. The Muleskinners: Wolfman (Soma, 1964)
33. Denny & Lenny with The Hollywood Ghouls: Monster's Love (Chance)
34. Billy Snel: Queen Of Halloween (Wild 100, 1960)
35. Jimmy Bowers: The Vampire's Ghost (Track 1002, 1958)
36. The Crewnecks: Rockin' Zombie (Rhapsody, 1959)
37. The Nightmares with Jimmie Maddin Orch.: (Ooh I'm Scared) Of The Horrors Of The Black Museum (Amer.
Int'l., 1958)
38. Eddy Arnold: Tennessee Hillbilly Ghost (RCA Vic. EP, 1957)
39. Ray Stevens: Laughing Over My Grave (Merc., 1964)
40. Rosemary Clooney: The Wobblin' Goblin (Col., 1950; pr. Hecky Krasnow)
41. Eddie Dean: A Gravedigger's Lament (Crystal 156, c.1948)
42. Janie Jones: Witches Brew (HMV (UK), 1965; wr. & pr. Sidney Gilbert; title sic)
43. Souls Unlimited: The Raving Vampire (pt. 1; Wigwam; wr. Bobby Green & James Parker; pr. Charles O. Johnson)
44. Jesse Stone: Who's Zat (RCA Vic., 1948)
45. The Mystrys: Witch Girl (Orbit (Sydney Aus.) 100, 1966)
46. Kay Bell & The Spacemen: Scream Along (With The Monster) (Vista, 1963)
47. The Monotones: Zombi (Argo, 1958)

special thanks to Bruce Milne and Tom Taber


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Anonymous said...

So very generous . . . especially under the circumstances. Good luck to you all.

Anonymous said...

Wow, this mix is great. I haven't heard most of this stuff. Now I have a list to work from to find most of these on vinyl! Thanks!

Jukeboxmafia said...

Fantastic mix! I'm loving it!!

Timmy said...

(thank you)

Eegah!! and Tabonga! said...

Here's hoping the whole family is doing all right!

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