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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Similar Bat-Time, Different Bat-Channel: Fiveash pulls a David Brinkley

"What the f*ck is wrong with this thing?"

Over the last few weeks, some, if not none, of you Rock & Soul Ichiban Radio listeners may have been wondering what happened to my live Thursday show. Well, there has been a programming shake-up on WFMU's alternate webstreams, with Ichiban returning to its roots streaming obscure bizarro world hits-that-missed from the 50s and 60s. The reasons are complicated and not particularly interesting; the upshot is that my show, starting next Thursday February 7th, will be heard at a similar bat-time and different bat-channel: 2 to 4 PM Eastern Standard Time, Thursdays on WFMU's Give The Drummer Radio stream. Some Ichiban listeners may remember our sister stream GTDR from when they saved our asses in the dark days after Hurricane Sandy. Give The Drummer Radio is similar to Ichiban in that it's a 24-hour streaming jukebox (curated by WFMU veteran Doug Schulkind from his home in Pittsburgh), but with more live programming. Click here for the full schedule.

For those of you unfamiliar with my show, the playlists to date can be found here.  Expect more of the same.


Joe non Papa said...

Is Ted Barron's show also moving there?

Debbie D said...


Hyde said...

that's too bad. I'll miss the Ted Barron show a lot, it was great. I sure will follow Fiveash over to the now rockin' Drummer stream, though.