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    Monday, February 25, 2013

    Somewhere On Skid Row: Hobos, Bums & Other Urban Outdoorsmen

    1 Felix Slatkin: Happy Hobo
    2 Al Jolson with Guy Lombardo Orch.: Hallelujah I'm A Bum
    3 The Coasters: D.W. Washburn
    4 J.B. Lenoir: Slow Down Woman
    5 Porter Wagoner: Sidewalks Of Chicago
    6 The Cowsills: Newspaper Blanket
    7 The Cowsills: The Candy Kid
    8 Reparata & The Delrons: That's What Sends Men To The Bowery
    9 Rags Rafferty: The Bowery
    10 Gene Pitney: That's What Sends Men To The Bowery
    11 Jerry Lee Lewis: Skid Row
    12 Freddie Hart & The Heartbeats: Skid Row Street
    13 Merle Haggard: Somewhere On Skid Row
    14 Merle Haggard: Skid Row
    15 Johnnie Allan: Somewhere On Skid Row
    16 Pete Johnson Sextette: Skid Row Boogie
    17 Bob Durham: Skid Row Boogie
    18 Gene Marshall: Skid Row Bum
    19 Frank Sinatra: Don't Sleep In The Subway
    20 Nappy Brown: Skidy Woe
    21 Earl Curry: Hobo
    22 Link Wray: Hobo Man
    23 Porter Wagoner: The Alley
    24 Louis Armstrong & His Orch.: Hobo, You Can Ride Dis Train
    25 The Four Seasons: Beggar's Parade
    26 Rhubarb Red & His Rubes: The Dying Hobo
    27 Art Hodes: A Selection From The Gutter
    28 Danny Reeves: I'm A Hobo
    29 Johnny Cash: The Hobo Song
    30 The Fantastics: Millionaire Hobo
    31 The Honeyman: Brother Bill (The Last Clean Shirt)
    32 The Rockin' Berries: Brother Bill (The Last Clean Shirt)
    33 Snakefinger: Here Comes The Bums
    34 Leb Brinson: Hobo A-Go-Go
    35 Porter Wagoner: Skid Row Joe
    36 Lightnin' Jr. & The Empires: Raggedy And Hungry
    37 Luke Gibbons: Queen Of Skid Row


    JD Gragg said...

    Great collection, especially at tax time!

    Timmy said...

    Thanx, I may be among them soon...