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Monday, March 18, 2013

"Fanilla Fudge"

A while back, a nice woman named Debbi* contacted me at work about buying her son's Star Wars toys, and mentioned that she also had some comics and trading cards from her childhood. I bought what she had, and in our conversation, she mentioned that she thought that she had some more Monkees memorabilia packed away, which I urged her to bring in. A few weeks later, she returned with a batch of cool stuff... two partial fan club kits that had belonged to her and her sister (which, combined, mad one near-complete one), some newsletters, some of the mail-order-only magazines from Tiger Beat, and a batch of trading cards. Also among them was this oddly mislabeled ticket for a Vanilla Fudge show in her hometown of Simsbury, Connecticut. I'm not really a fan of their sludgy sound, even if they were produced by the late, great Shadow Morton, but this is pretty cool. Thanks, Debbi!

Here they are on the Ray Anthony Show. I'd like to
imagine that they closed the show by jamming with 
Ray on an extended version of Bunny Hop, but I
expect that that was not what happened.

*No relation to our Glorious Leader.


Timmy said...

I say you got quite a score from that nice lady! Vanilla Fudge were & are one of the most underratted bands of the 60's & 70's. They would interpret 3 minute spiffy soul tunes into long psychedelic sagas. Excellent mucicians thru & thru. Pour your self a couple bottles of wine & relax for a few wild hours of some really vintage Fudge.

Ken K. in NJ said...

Vanilla Fudge's influence (at least in the NY area) was way beyond thier commercial success. I was going to a lot of frat parties and clubs with live music back then (only 18 to drink in NY at the time).

It seemed like overnight every house band or frat band in the NY area went from sounding like the Young Rascals to sounding like Vanilla Fudge. I'm not so sure a live band doing a seven minute version of "Hold On I'm Comin'" was an improvement one doing "I Ain't Gonna Eat Out MY Heart Anymore"...