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    Saturday, July 20, 2013

    Are In-Laws Really Outlaws?

    1 Art Linkletter: mother-in-law joke
    2 Calvin Arnold: Mama-In-Law
    3 Jimmy Witherspoon: Don't Ever Move A Woman Into Your House
    4 Champion Jack Dupree: Mother-In-Law Blues
    5 Bing Crosby: The Whistler's Mother In Law
    6 B.K. Anderson: Mother-In-Law Cha Cha
    7 Ernie K-Doe: Mother In Law (incorp. alt. & studio chatter)
    8 Gary Paxton: Mother-In-Law
    9 Ernie K-Doe: My Mother-In-Law (Is In My Hair Again)
    10 Bo Diddley: Husband-In-Law
    11 Jim Nesbitt: Husbands-In-Law
    12 Charlie Rich: Hawg Jaw
    13 Champion Jack Dupree wtih Mr. Bear: Lonely Road Blues
    14 Jamo Thomas: Jive Mother-In-Law
    15 Little Junior Parker: Mother-In-Law Blues
    16 Kursaal Flyers: Monster-In-Law
    17 Kui Lee: Ain't No Big Thing
    18 Lee Perry: Mother-In-Law
    19 Lucas & Mike Cotton Sound: Mother-In-Law
    20 Jim Nesbitt: Mother-In-Law
    21 Chiquita: Father-In-Law
    22 James Spencer: In-Law Trouble
    23 Marion Harris: Brother-In-Law Dan
    24 Paul Peek: Brother-In-Law (He's A Moocher)
    25 Peetie Wheatstraw: The Devil's Son-In-Law
    26 The Nashville Teens: Devil-In-Law
    27 The Blossoms: Son-In-Law
    28 Louise Brown: Son-In-Law
    29 The Satintones: You'd Make A Fine Son-In-Law
    30 Edward Gates White: Mother-In-Law
    31 Mack McQuire: Mother-In-Law Blues
    32 Rod Bernard: My Old Mother-In-Law
    33 The Allen Brothers: Mother-In-Law Blues
    34 The Misfits: My Mother-In-Law
    35 The Volumes: Oh My Mother-In-Law
    36 Clarence Carter: Mother-In-Law
    37 The Brochures: My In-Laws Are Outlaws
    38 Sir Douglas Quintet: Are In-Laws Really Outlaws?


    Anonymous said...

    This is great! Thanks for sharing.


    Anonymous said...

    Can't wait to hear this. Thanks!

    Holly said...

    Excellent - thank you!

    Anonymous said...

    Y'all are a national treasure--thank you. I do miss Debbie D's "Songs teh ____ taught us" which have been nothing short of astonishing and introduced me to all sorts of great music.

    Meanwhile, is anyone else having trouble with this zip file? I can't seem to extract the files...

    Anonymous said...

    Same here, can't unzip!?

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    Sorry for that -- the problem was an obscure syntax error. It's now corrected, so please try again when you get a chance.


    Anonymous said...

    Thanks for sorting out!!

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    As I said, a national treasure.

    mil gracias