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    Sunday, August 11, 2013

    Who Is That Knocking?

    1 "Boodle It" Wiggins: Keep A Knockin' An You Can't Get In
    2 Rex Allen: Knock Knock Rattle
    3 Faye Adams: The Hammer (Keeps A Knockin')
    4 The El Dorados: At My Front Door
    5 Fletcher Henderson & His Orch.: Knock, Knock, Who's There
    6 Boys And Girls Together: Knock Knock
    7 Jimmy Work: Don't Knock (Just Come On In)
    8 Bob Dylan: Knockin' On Heaven's Door
    9 Earl Scott: Stop You're Knocking
    10 Juanita Nixon: Stop Knockin'
    11 Paula Watson: Stop That Knockin' At My Heart
    12 Victor: Stop A Knockin' (courtesy Tom Taber)
    13 Eddie Hodges: I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
    14 The Sonics: Keep A' Knock'in
    15 Eileen Todd: Knock, Knock, Knockin'
    16 Aimi Stewart: Knock On Wood
    17 Ike & Tina Turner: A Love Like Yours (Don't Come Knocking Everyday)
    18 Randy Rudolph: I Kept A-Knocking
    19 Legendary Stardust Cowboy: Who's Knocking On My Door
    20 The Genies: Who's That Knocking
    21 The Genies: No More Knockin'
    22 Louis Jordan & His Tympany Five: Keep A-Knockin'
    23 Smiley Lewis: I Hear You Knocking
    24 Billy Adams: You Heard Me Knocking
    25 The Pastels: Don't Knock
    26 Pete Best Four: I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
    27 The Stereos: The Big Knock
    28 Half Japanese: Knock On Wood
    29 The Rolling Stones: Can't You Hear Me Knocking
    30 Billy Fury: Don't Knock Upon My Door
    31 Carol Fran: Knock Knock
    32 Carol Fran: I Quit My Knocking
    33 Conway Twitty: Knock Three Times
    34 Bernd Spier: Klopf Dreimal
    35 Grazina: I Ain't Gonna Knock On Your Door
    36 Harpers Bizarre: Knock On Wood
    37 Little Richard: Keep A Knockin'
    38 Pat Shannon: Knock Knock (Who's There)
    39 Nilsson & Cher: A Love Like Yours
    40 The Go-Betweens: Knock Knock
    41 The Green Beans: Knock On My Door (Tap On My Window)
    42 The Isley Brothers: I'm Gonna Knock On Your Door
    43 The Orlons: Knock! Knock! (Who's There)
    44 The Primates: Knock On My Door
    45 Brent Dowe: Knock Three Times
    46 Death: Keep On Knockin
    47 The Humane Society: Knock, Knock



    Anonymous said...

    Love it, Love it, Love it!!

    Anonymous said...


    Anonymous said...

    Mary Hopkin--Knock Knock Who's There
    Fats Domino--Don't Come Knockin'
    Any more??

    Anonymous said...

    And how about
    Art Baxter--Don't Knock The Rock
    Dane Sinit - Don't knock What You Don't Understand
    Jeanie & Her boyfriends - It's Me Knocking
    Bob Cindy dean - I'm knocking at the door of your heart
    Carlisles - Knock Knock
    The Tritons - Don't You Knock Upon My Door
    Mike & Jim - Baby Don't Knock
    B Bumble & The Stingers - Apple Knocker
    Dazzlers - Knockout
    Eddy Bell - Knock Knock Knock
    Johnny Stevenson - Knockin' In Wood
    The Munsters - Knock Upon our Door
    John Lee Hensley - Knockin' On Lula Mae's Door
    Felton Jarvis - Don't Knock Elvis
    Buck Trail - Knocked Out Joint On Mars
    Sorry for any duplications!
    Any more?

    Anonymous said...

    As great as Amii Stewart's version is and with 5 (five) versions of Keep-a-Knockin, Seriously, no Eddie Floyd!?!?!?!?!
    Cheers, obey gravity

    Anonymous said...

    And don't forget
    Red Kirk - Knock out the lights and call the law
    Teddy Reiedel - Knocking on the backside
    Leroy Carr - Papa Wants to knock a jug
    Buford Peek - Knock down drag Out
    Louis Jordan - Knock me a kiss
    Dteroit Cobras - You Don't Knock
    Apologies again if some of these are duplications of earlier tracks.
    I'm done!!
    Any more??

    Anonymous said...

    Monkees - When Love Comes Knockin' (At Your Door)
    The Hives - Knock Knock

    Stymie said...

    How about...
    Hank Williams - Never Again (Will I Knock On Your Door)
    Paul Westerberg - Knockin On Mine
    Don't Come Back Knockin - Buddy Holly
    GZA - Knock Knock
    Mary Hopkins - Knock Knock Who's There
    Gil-Scott Heron - No Knock
    Social Distortion - She's a Knockout
    Yank Rachell - Stop Knocking On My Door
    Sinner Strong - Don't Knock It
    Ron Haydock - Knockout
    The Outlets - Knock Me Down
    Jeremy Spencer - Who's Knockin
    Knock Knock - Dick Bondi
    Knockin Down Whiskey - Buster Poindexter
    King Uszniewicz - Shout Shout (Knock Yourself Out)
    There are more but hey...good download!