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Monday, October 28, 2013

Ernie Anderson vs Ghoulardi

Ghouardi fans be sure to check out the amazing print by Drew Friedman available here!

I leave you with these fabulous out takes of the great Ernie Anderson losing his shit while doing voice over work for ABC television.  Anyone growing up in the 70's heard Ernie's amazing voice constantly on television, radio and movie trailers.


Hickelberry Hound said...

Funniest shit ever ! , I was turnin' blue !...and my knif turned purple !

Anonymous said...

Ghoulardi showed us what an asshole he was when he came to Euclid Central High and gave a completely lame show, he didn't give a shit or even try. Face it, Cleveland was so fuckin starved for recognition it took to Ernie Anderson like flies to shit. And it has been more of the same ever since.

oxnard58 said...

Thanks for the Ghoulardi memories. He changed the way we saw things.

MontyAlban said...

The Ernie Anderson outtakes are really choice. 2 albums Ernie did with Tim Conway can be found at