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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Crayons to Perfume Girl of The Week: TAMMY! The Puerto Rician Dynamo

Tammy (no last name known) was a child recording star in her homeland of Puerto Rico. She has two LP's and a half of her own (one half shared with Julio Angel, the Puerto Rican equivellent of Paul Anka in the 60's). The records are a mixture of popular songs, some traditional music and amazingly rockin' tunes.

 I think her best is 'Perro Que Ladra (no muerde)' - a dog that barks does not bite - (pretty much a cover of  'Shaggy Dog').

'Una Chica Ye Ye' is another goodie!

I found the 2 a Go Go LP in a thrift store for .25 cents on my honeymoon, I'd say it was a pretty good deal.

Crayons to Perfume is coming soon to WFMU's Ichiban Soul, hosted by Glynis Ward, DJ girlgroupgirl



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Devlin Thompson said...

I have the first album, but it's a bit battered.